Boost Your PC


This article will help you to increase your PC or laptop performance as per my best knowledge.

1) Clean temp files is very old and basic concept, you just need to go in run and put %temp% press ok and delete the all files and folders.

2) cleanmgr is also good tool to run which helps to delete old windows update and unwanted stuffs.

3) chkdsk is the best if you are using your PC continuously since 1 or 2 year without formatted we have seen several time drive or folder takes longer to open in that case you can use chkdsk /r /f command on that drive I am sure it will resolve your issue and your computer will 30% more optimized.

4) Use SSD drive as a hard drive option which will increase read and write of your PC.

                                                      Image result for SPEED

5) NVME is also best option to increase your PC speed make sure your motherboard is compatible with it.

7) Last and best we need to be sure with running OS is compatible with current hardware like Windows 10 Should have atleast 4 GB of RAM and with good processor, if your hardware is too old kindly upgrade it with better specs.


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