Domain Registration Guide


Today owning a domain with your business or personal name is must.

It will increase your business, portfolio and goodwill.

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What are the important things which need to be take care before buying a domain.

1) Choose small name and try to get .com instead of your countries TLD's
    (Which will help in search engine optimization)

2) Make sure your email id is configured as a registrant contact
    (So no one can transfer or theft your domain name)

3) You have complete access to control panel and other settings
    (Control panel will help you with all hosting and DNS management)

4) Renewal should in your control
    (Sometime third person book your domain and renewal stuck and you loss all the things)

5) Try to learn basics from your domain company like how to create email ids, what is hosting how to       change DNS

Thanks a log guys will keep posting some more tech tips.


Siraj Khan